3,200 meals delivered

More Than Just a Meal

We believe that meals are about much more than just the food we eat, meals are about families coming together to share a memorable experience. The independence and creativity of meals cooked and shared as a family is often sacrificed by people struggling with food security. By funding meal kits created by Earls Kitchen and Bar, we’re bringing nutritious, creative meals to North Shore families. 

Our Collaborators 

Through a partnership with Earls Kitchen and Bar and Harvest Project, we are raising funds to provide nutritious meals that families in need can prepare and eat together. Families struggling with food security often sacrifice the quality and quantity of their food. We want to give families on the North Shore the ability to eat whole, nutritious meals as well as enjoy the experience of a fun, family meal. Earls Kitchen and Bar, Ambleside Location are preparing fresh and healthy meals to promote food security and shared family experiences.

The Statistics

Currently, there are 1 in 9 households in BC struggling with food security, and 1 in 6 children in BC living in households experiencing food security. Experts agree these figures are rising.

The percentage of Canadians who have consumed fruits and vegetables at least five times daily is  highest in households that fell within the highest income quintile. Healthy food should never be considered a luxury.

In a vibrant and beautiful community such as the North Shore, food security is often overlooked. Many are unaware that nearly 11% of B.C. households struggle with food security. With the added financial toll of Covid-19, that number is only growing.