Human-Kind is featured in "Frankly Speaking" by Frank Palmer

If nothing else comes from the current Covid-19 crises, I hope that we all have come to some agreement on what is most important in life? Covid-19 is still with us and I am guessing it will be with us for some time. Sometimes a crisis can even create opportunities, crazy as it might sound. Covid-19 forced us to determine or think about what is most important in life. With many of us, we have moved away from wanting or purchasing stuff to really caring about each-others well-being. 

There is a bigger focus on caring for others. Caring about families and their children being fed properly. One of our clients, Virani Real Estate Advisors created a program called “Human-Kind” They work with a great restaurant chain supplying meals to children who have not received a special and nutritious meal for some time. To date they have delivered over 6000 free meals.  

Here is a few points or lessons that have happened because of Covid-19 

1.     Family Matters Matter More. 

2.     We have Unleased a Revolution in Medicine and Healthcare. 

3.     Self Care Is Not Self-Indulgence. 

4.     Age Is Just a Number. 

5.     We Befriended Technology, and There’s No Going Back. 

6.     Work Is Anywhere Now. 

7.     Loneliness Hurts Health More Than We Thought. 

8.     The Planet Got More Love During Covid. 

  My main point is this: 

Be more grateful! Reach out to family and friends more often. It is a time to become nicer to one and another. 


-Frank Palmer

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