Human-Kind is featured in "Frankly Speaking" by Frank Palmer

I really believe that more than ever that it’s especially important to have and maintain a strong company culture. It is fundamentally necessary required for ongoing business success. Even more so today because of how Covid-19 has changed the modern workplace. PS&CO and PSDDB is a Newco. 

And it’s most important for us to clearly identity our uniqueness and what separates us from the crowd. 

A culture that contributes to our identity and values that our company operates under. In a resent Adage article, it asked the question, “What is a culture agency, anyway? It said, “Culture is knowing what is going to trend before it trends and is the undercurrent that moves people and society forward.”

I like that. The article also said, “Cultural trends move at different speeds. All agencies see the long-term trends but only a few agencies see the hyper-short trends.” We need to know and understand both. 

Culture also prioritizes the setting and meeting of our goals and what is expected from a company’s employees. It is all about direction and really what is important to our audience. Having a strong company culture attracts and maintains better talent. When employees feel important belonging, they are more likely to stick around for the long term. 


I believe that it’s most important to be proud of the image of the organization you work for. At PS&CO we want to be seen as being honest and trusting,

hard working and very competent with a fun-loving corporate atmosphere where our customers, clients and staff enjoy our company spirit.


“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” – Stephen Covey  

-Frank Palmer

Chairman, PS & Co. 

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