The V List's Editorial on Human-Kind

Human-Kind was recently featured in an editorial done by the V List Magazine. The article goes in to great detail about initial ideation of Human-Kind by Karim Virani and how it was brought to life through lead supporters, interns, and overwhelming community support. 
Article excerpt: Before the 2020 pandemic, the North Shore seemed like an idyllic place with a high quality of life. The Coronavirus came along and created a different reality - one in which many who live in this beautiful enclave have been pushed to the edge of their financial means and beyond. Karim Virani, who lives on the North Shore, realized that a growing number people within his local community were struggling to make ends meet, and were in need of help.

Due to a principle instilled early in his life by his parents, that one should always "sow where they reap", Karim saw an opportunity to fulfill a long held dream to give back to his community the kindness he had received from them.

With this in mind, he brought together a team to launch a philanthropic venture called "Human-Kind".

Its mission? As Karim's daughter Alyssa Virani describes it, "Our purpose is to spread kindness and encourage kindness in the community. Something very simple, but often forgotten."

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